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It is anticipated that savings of up to 28-30% will be available for clients operating on iFuel arrangement.

Aircraft refueling

Unlike other refueling companies, iFuel owns an on-site fuel storages to streamline the refueling process.

Ground Handling

Our team of experts works around the clock, specialising in the delivery of quality ground-handling services.

A trio of established European aviation businesses have come together to create iFuel, a new aviation fuel and associated services provider.. With an initial focus on the CIS region, where the founders all have a strong presence, iFuel will be offering services at most of the CIS airports including Russia’s Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo International Airports, Knevichi Airport, Vladivostok, Boryspil Airport, Kiev, Ukraine and Lochini Airport, Tbilisi, Georgia.


Unlike other refueling companies, iFuel owns an on-site fuel storages to streamline the refueling process in a much more timely, effective and cost-efficient manner. Our extensive global network of suppliers helps us find the best price on fuel in every region, and we pass those savings directly on to our clients. All our fuel is guaranteed to conform to any quality requirements in your area, and a variety of fuel types are available.

Ground Handling 

In addition to refueling aircraft, iFuel is also fully capable of addressing any recharging that might be needed by your crew. iFuel can arrange for overnight accommodations, ordering and delivery of onboard catering, even ramp handling and cargo and baggage services.
By choosing both refueling and ground handling services from a single company, the entire flight experience is made less complicated and more enjoyable, not to mention more cost-effective. Long known for providing flexible refueling solutions, iFuel applies that same innovation to assisting with your personnel as well as your aircraft.

  • Experts in Russia and the CIS region

    Providing fast refueling and ground handling services at all major airports throughout Russia and the CIS

  • Competitively priced refueling services

    Offering savings of up to 30% by buying directly from our extensive network of global fuel suppliers

  • Specialists in business and private jet aircraft

    Giving private aircraft owners and operators a fast, efficient and reliable service throughout the CIS region

  • Successful aviation companies in joint venture

    Delivering a unique service backed by aviation experts Open Aero, Jet Aero Fuels, and Swiss-based 28 East

Jet Aero Fuels

JAF is a London based fuel supplier, with its own fuel storage facilities, providing a high level of services in refuelling, ground handling and flight permits.

Open Aero

Charter company Open Aero offers an exceptional experience in Luxury travelling. All Travel Packages are tailored carefully appreciating every detail.

28 East Group

The 28 East Group is an privately led Swiss business aviation holding company which includes Vertis Aviation, 28 East Group Services, Sky Dragon and iFuel.

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